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Commercial Gasket Installation in Central Florida Saves Food and Money

An effective seal is a must for any cooling or heating equipment, such as a walk-in cooler or oven. When they are not sealed properly, then temperatures can fluctuate wildly leading to improperly stored or cooked food. In either case, that is cause for concern regarding the safety of the products.

Food can get ruined from uneven heating or not being kept cool enough, and that leads to spoilage and waste, which is expensive. Not only that, health inspectors may issue fines for seals that are damaged or ineffective.

At GMP Food Equipment Services, we provide commercial gasket installation in Central Florida to meet your needs. We handle all types of equipment, including:

Exhaust Hoods






Conveyor Ovens

Double Deck Ovens


Filling the Gaps

Some manufacturers build walk-in coolers and freezers with only three-sided door gaskets and leave the bottom without a seal. This means that hot air can leak in under the door and either leads to spoilage or cause the freezer to work much harder than it should. Both instances lead to increased expenses for your business.

Our technicians can solve this issue as they are very experienced in restaurant equipment repair. They will install a door sweep around the base of your cooler or freezer door and threshold. This forms an effective seal to help the machine more easily regulate temperatures without taxing the motor and consuming excessive amounts of electricity.

This is often the least expensive option for keeping the cold in and preserving your perishables. Door sweeps also help extend the life of your unit as it doesn’t have to work extra hard to maintain temperature and reduces the stress on the motor.

Providing the Answers You Need

You may think your cooler is malfunctioning but aren’t certain and you would like the opinion of an expert. Our team is ready to come to your location for a free inspection. We have the skills, experience, and knowledge to quickly put our finger on the problem and sort it out effectively. We can replace a cracked or worn-out gasket and save you money in energy costs and food wastage.

We manufacture and install OEM-quality gaskets for commercial restaurant equipment from freezers to ovens. Our gaskets are custom-sized for a perfect fit every time. Not only do they fill the gap exactly, but we also create them right on the spot so that you do not have to wait for product delivery from some far-off warehouse. Efficient gaskets save you time and money.

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