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Safe and Healthy Cutting Board Resurfacing in Central Florida

The focus in any commercial kitchen is on preparing good meals in the safest and healthiest way possible. The last thing anyone wants is for substandard conditions to result in someone getting sick.

Cutting boards always benefit from the greatest attention to hygiene and cleanliness because they are used so very frequently and with so many different types of food. Rather than replacing them over and over, which can be very expensive, cutting board resurfacing in Central Florida is an option to consider.

At GMP Food Equipment Services, we restore worn, dirty, and damaged cutting boards that can harbor harmful bacteria. With our services, you know that the re-surfaced boards we service are safe to use.

Cutting Board Resurfacing

An Economical Solution

There are misconceptions held by some in the commercial food preparation business that washing your boards at night and using an approved sanitizer during the day is all it takes to ensure they are safe to use. That is not a foolproof solution as during the meal preparation the boards are exposed to many different situations such as cutting, scraping, fluctuating temperatures, and harsh chemicals that can all leave traces of contamination on the board that builds up and poses a risk of food poisoning.

Our restaurant equipment repair service comes to your place of work with our mobile unit to resurface your cutting boards and make them like new. This is much more effective from an economic standpoint than buying news ones frequently or hoping your cleaning methods are effective.

Keeping Up with Regulations

There are many health department regulations in place to ensure safe handling and preparation of food in restaurants and other commercial kitchens. These regulations cover the cleaning and usage of cutting boards and state they must be sanitized and free of marks or grooves that can hold bacteria.

Washing helps, but it is not the only factor to keep in mind as over time boards begin to show signs of wear. Chlorine bleach isn’t recommended as a cleaner because it leaves a film that attracts dirt and breaks down the board’s structure, reducing its life span.

The step to take is to call upon us for repairs and service for your commercial kitchen equipment, including cutting boards. Our technicians come to your location and resurface your boards on-site to disrupt the flow of your operation as little as possible.

Contact us to learn more about our kitchen equipment services. We are proud to serve customers in and around Central Florida.